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Debate watching party at the Bagdad Theatre

Tuesday night, local news channel Koin 6 hosted a debate party at the beautiful McMenamins Bagdad Theatre. This normally low-key theatre was bustling with activity, from floodlights being set up for anchorman Mike Donahue, to the roving cameramen cruising for succulent soundbites, to the laptops being set up for the local political bloggers, to the […]

Bad Bugs Bunny: The Dark Side of Warner Brothers Cartoons

When we think of cartoons today, we think of Saturday morning children’s entertainment. We think of images drawn in bright colors, dealing in fanciful concepts, moving at a quick pace. Sometimes they deal with ethical struggles of selfishness. There is a common story arc of the main character indulging him or herself, hurting people around […]

Sick Around the World: An International Journey through Medical Economics

T.R. Reid, veteran foreign correspondent for The Washington Post and current NPR commenter, produced a travelogue documentary for Frontline comparing the national health systems of five capitalistic democracies. In Sick Around the World, he traveled to Britain, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Taiwan, interviewing top health policy experts asking them to explain their national health care […]

Microsoft takeover bid ires Flickrites.

  Microsoft has proposed a $44.6 billion dollar deal to take over the struggling internet entity, Yahoo is being described as being “backed into a corner” with such an offer as it is far above the other buyout offers it has received, and no other company offering to top Microsoft Corp’s proposal. The offer […]

Can Thom Yorke Go it Alone?

Armed with only his wits, a laptop computer, and producer Nigel Goodrich, Thom Yorke steps out of his role as Radiohead’s lead singer and releases his first solo album The Eraser. Thom Yorke does not seem the type of person to “need” to produce a solo album. His band, Radiohead, has achieved critical acclaim for […]