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Death with Dignity Guest Blog

This guest blog post is currently in submission to the Death with Dignity National Center Blog.   Taking on End of Life Decisions as a Family Both of my parents had careers that brought them close to the larger issues of life and death.  My mother spent her entire career as a nurse, specialising in […]

Dad’s 70th Birthday Surprise Party

About a month ago my Mom walked up to me, talking in a hushed voice saying, “I think I want to throw your father a surprise party.”  From then, a plan was hatched and the game was afoot.  From stealing his cell phone in the middle of the night to get phone numbers of all […]

365days Project Blog Post

    I was asked to do a guest post blog about my experience doing the 365 days project. My 365days daily self portrait project helped inspire to take on his own weekly writing project. Click here to read the guest post.

Election Dream

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the election was so close that is came down to a bake off where Obama and Romney were competing on their ability to pull off a perfect oembre cake.


I am feeling the siren call of September, that sweet voice in my head telling me that it is time to use up the tomatoes before they rot on the vine. Here is a pic of the huge mass of tomatoes I am dealing with: Half of them have been boiled and skinned and the […]

Corina and Skyler’s Wedding Cake

After a summer of testing and failing at the grand wedding cakepops adventure, Jake and I finally pulled off a coup de grâce in the form of a ginormous, tasty wedding cake.  It only took numerous rounds of baking, 18 different taste configurations, 4 frosting trials, and one screaming match that both bakers now regret […]

Must See

I am totally going to see this movie this week at the Hollywood Theatre.  If you aren’t going, you are missing out.

Chicken Anecdote of the Day

My chickens are currently trying to drive me crazy.  Seriously.  For a while there it was fairly quiet.  Sundance was my utterly obnoxious Rhode Island Red, who would scream every morning to announce that the sun had risen, yet -again-.  Good to know, now shaddup!  So then it was just the big girls, Cassidy was […]

An Overdose on True Crime Type Television

I have been staying in the house for the past few days painting.  It is going well.  The birds are sizing up pretty well and I will be happy that this is my work, hanging for public consumption.  I have been keeping the television on to keep my company, but I have to admit, I […]

It is not Death, It is a Chicken Walkabout

  The little red fuzzball at the top is my hen Sundance, when she was a little baby chick.  She wasn’t with the girls last night when the coop doors closed.  She wasn’t there this morning when everyone got up.  Hell, she was the one that woke everyone up with her 7 am squawks to […]