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Los Angeles I’m yours?

I am currently on the road with the Turks in tow and I am experiencing that very special, very American feeling. I am feeling that love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. Every time I descend into the valley, my thoughts become those of two minds. One one hand there is that bubbly excitement that I am […]

The Best Thing about California

Is In n Out burger.  I dream of this burger, I ache for this burger.  I wake up in the middle of the night crying out for this very burger.  I would also probably ignore it and not care if I lived in California and could have it at any time I wished.  But I […]

Burning Man 2003

Last year after Burning Man, I promised to write and to tell the tale of all the things that I had learned on that voyage, and indeed it was a lot.  Unfortunately, I was bogged down by 4000 or so pictures taken on iso 1600, so they all looked extremely funky and noisey.  I am […]

Travelogue: Burning Man and California

Teaser Post:  The Engineer’s wet dream. This beauty was the belle of the Playa, weighing in at 16,000 lbs, triggering latent Star Wars and Robotech memories, and thrilling all who managed to see it move, spider-like, across the playa.  Rumor had that it was far more heavy than the usual allowances for art-cars, but this […]