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RIP Ray Bradbury

I learned that Ray Bradbury died yesterday.  This news fills me with both sadness and gratefulness in equal measure. Ray Bradbury is one of the few writers who changed my life.  I was about fourteen years old the first time I read Fahrenheit 451.  I was an outsider who was heavily bullied, and felt disaffected because […]

The End of an Era

It was finally time to own up to it.  As much as I love my chickens, I just can’t take care of them to their deserving anymore.  They moved from Portland to Corvallis, back from Corvallis to Portland.  When I moved to a friend’s house they came with me, but when I moved out again, […]

A meditation on being the daughter of a cop.

Recently there have been a number of discussions regarding the police and their role as enforcers. The general timber of the argument is that cops are oppressors who use the power of the badge and the system to be unethical, to pull you over when you weren’t doing anything wrong, to search you without your […]

State of the Union/ Bush’s final SOTU Address

Last night, Bush delivered his final State of the Union Speech. How does one wrap up the last seven years of a presidency that has been extremely partisan and at times rancorous. A presidency won by extremely thin margins, and in one of two cases may not have been won at all in the hearts […]