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A Lovely Fall Day

Sunlight and a tea latte make for a great Fall afternoon. See, Oregon weather isn’t completely unrelentingly awful.

Thrift Store Cool

I just came across this video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: (warning, lyrics are NSFW) It reminded me of being a little grunge kid in the 1990′s. I really got into the grunge movement when I was in my teens, I got so deeply involved that I was downright mad when Pop music made a […]

A meditation on being the daughter of a cop.

Recently there have been a number of discussions regarding the police and their role as enforcers. The general timber of the argument is that cops are oppressors who use the power of the badge and the system to be unethical, to pull you over when you weren’t doing anything wrong, to search you without your […]

Of Late I think of Twilight Zone

  I don’t know why but I have been thinking of the television show, “The Twilight Zone”.  Today I tracked down that one episode that I think about every now and then, you know that one that everyone has although yours is probably different than mine. Mine is the episode “Of late I think of […]