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What Came First.

The End of an Era

It was finally time to own up to it.  As much as I love my chickens, I just can’t take care of them to their deserving anymore.  They moved from Portland to Corvallis, back from Corvallis to Portland.  When I moved to a friend’s house they came with me, but when I moved out again, […]

It is not Death, It is a Chicken Walkabout

  The little red fuzzball at the top is my hen Sundance, when she was a little baby chick.  She wasn’t with the girls last night when the coop doors closed.  She wasn’t there this morning when everyone got up.  Hell, she was the one that woke everyone up with her 7 am squawks to […]

Chicken Anecdote of the Day

My big, strong, Lola, the biggest of the little chicks ran in absolute utmost fear…  from a butterfly.

Hatch Update – Final

So, I finally called it, the four eggs did not move or hatch or do anything but cook in the heat.  They could have been dead days ago when it hit 104-107, who knows? So, one chick.  I have already decided to hit the urban farm store on the way home and get more.  Two […]

The Live One

  After 9 weeks of excessive broodiness, a crazy infanticidal chicken mama, 16 shiny perfectly ready to pop eggs and a last minute heat wave, this is the sole surviving chicken from the hatch.  

Hatch Update

It would be an understatement to say that it is not going well. I have Ten shiny, chicken butt polished eggs.  There was a green one with an Auracana peeping away inside the egg and I was hoping she would make her way out.  She never did.  She probably accidently poked her egg, or butch […]

This is where the paranoia sets in.

No chicks yet.  The same eggs, sitting in slightly different positions.  Butch is almost disinterested in them and nothing is happening. *big sighs*  I am scared that no chicks will be here, that the whole experiment was a failure, etc, etc.  It is early yet, and they have all day to arrive and be “on […]


So, I am down in corvallis.  I decided to go a day early to make sure the eggs were on the ground level.  Someone on the chicken boards mentioned that their baby chicks walked off the edge of the coop and died, so ground level it is. It is meltingly hot and butch was hovering […]

Waiting for the Hatch

  So, I previously wrote that my (former) baby is broody and wanting to sit on eggs until they hatch or else.  I bought her eggs July 8th and the hatch should happen on the 29th or so. Well, some chicken killed one, we separated all the chickens except for butch and put her in […]