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Canadian Pharmacies

Recently, I found myself in that clichéd American position of needing a medication that I could not afford at American health care prices.  I am usually pretty good at getting around these issues with a well crafted appeal.  But this time, no dice.  I attempted to contact the pharmaceutical company who said I might be […]

Election Night

  It is election night and the tension is palpable in the air.  It feels like the final stretch of a long and intractable campaign.  I don’t even want to think about the millions of dollars that have been spent marketing these candidates.  There is the argument that we could have put that money back […]

Election Dream

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the election was so close that is came down to a bake off where Obama and Romney were competing on their ability to pull off a perfect oembre cake.

Tonight’s Debate

Tonight was the third and final debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  Transcript and the video can be found here, thanks to Politico. It has definitely been a wild ride watching these debates.  From the first debate that you practically had to check for a pulse on Obama, to the second one […]

The Vice Presidential Debate

Obama is proud of Biden. Romney is proud of Ryan. The Huffington Post calls it as an aggressive victory for Biden. Politico says that Biden had a slight upper hand but that neither person outright won, and that Ryan did better at grabbing independents. The RNC created a #BidenUnhinged hashtag before the debate was even […]