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Meme of the Year 2012

The Guardian has called The Ecce Homo fresco restoration the 2012 meme of the year.  I have to say I have enjoyed the monkey man invasion of art as shown in this tribute gallery. Personally, I think IKEA monkey could have given it a run for its money.  In true internet parlance, we should ask, […]

Pixar goes Burning Man

Someone joked that it looked like the folks at Pixar took some inspiration from the parties at Burning Man for this Toy story short involving the hapless by goodhearted T-Rex toy.  I can definitely see the comparison, but the short is worth watching even you’ve never been to Burning Man.  There is some seriously beautiful […]

What Came First.

Corina and Skyler’s Wedding Cake

After a summer of testing and failing at the grand wedding cakepops adventure, Jake and I finally pulled off a coup de grâce in the form of a ginormous, tasty wedding cake.  It only took numerous rounds of baking, 18 different taste configurations, 4 frosting trials, and one screaming match that both bakers now regret […]

Thrift Store Cool

I just came across this video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: (warning, lyrics are NSFW) It reminded me of being a little grunge kid in the 1990′s. I really got into the grunge movement when I was in my teens, I got so deeply involved that I was downright mad when Pop music made a […]


This story has been crawling around the interwebs.  An elderly Spanish woman undertakes a DIY painting restoration on an Ecce Homo Spanish fresco leaving the image of Christ looking more… um… monkey like. I go back and forth between cringing at the atrocity  and laughing at the absurdity.  The story reflects human foibles, I mean […]

Gotye remixed by Gotye

If you were to ask me what the song of the summer was this year, I would reluctantly say it was Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know.  I add reluctantly because at some point it was getting a little nutty the amount of times I would hear it every day.  It was on the […]

Caine’s Arcade

This is one of those stories that reaffirms your faith in humanity. The basic gist of it is a filmmaker walks along a street in Los Angeles and discovers a cardboard arcade that has been created by a 9 year old boy, Caine. Caine offers to sell him a fun pass, which he buys and […]

The Painting

It is finally done, scanned in and tomorrow it will be sent off to the owner.  My first commission, woo!

One of my favorite things

about Burningman is the art projects.  I like the ones that are the little art projects like this: Not amazing in that pretentious way, but wonderful nonetheless.  I think I ended up losing my marble somewhere on the playa.  But that is to be expected.  *smiles*  Enjoy it anyway.