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Travelogue: Burning Man and California

Teaser Post:  The Engineer’s wet dream. This beauty was the belle of the Playa, weighing in at 16,000 lbs, triggering latent Star Wars and Robotech memories, and thrilling all who managed to see it move, spider-like, across the playa.  Rumor had that it was far more heavy than the usual allowances for art-cars, but this […]

Debate watching party at the Bagdad Theatre

Tuesday night, local news channel Koin 6 hosted a debate party at the beautiful McMenamins Bagdad Theatre. This normally low-key theatre was bustling with activity, from floodlights being set up for anchorman Mike Donahue, to the roving cameramen cruising for succulent soundbites, to the laptops being set up for the local political bloggers, to the […]