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Picturing the Recession

The New York Times recently asked readers to submit pictures of the recession for their piece, Picturing the Recession. Photographers from all over the world submitted photographs showing how the world wide economic crisis was hitting home. There are pictures of swap meets in Bangladesh, pictures of the stunted housing boom in Australia, pictures of […]

All eyes are on the cute chicks.

Spring is officially here, and with Spring comes baby chick season. It seems like it was only yesterday when my full grown hens were just tiny little balls of down peeping their fool heads off. What I remember about raising them, from little two day old chicks, was how fast they grew up. The way […]

The Most Awesome thing to cross my path.

It started out as a joke, and the joke created a demand. Thinkgeek is trying to produce a Tauntaun sleeping bag. I personally hope that they start to offer adult sizes for all us grown up geeks. I could fit in a 60 inch tall bag, but really I would hope for more room than […]