Monthly Archives November 2009

Best Product Ever

  One of my favorite things about the internet is humor in unexpected places.  For instance, there is a product online that is a laptop steering wheel.  Yes, you read it, a laptop table for your car.  It has been lovingly borked by customer reviews and they are worth reading, they point out the absurdity […]

It is not Death, It is a Chicken Walkabout

  The little red fuzzball at the top is my hen Sundance, when she was a little baby chick.  She wasn’t with the girls last night when the coop doors closed.  She wasn’t there this morning when everyone got up.  Hell, she was the one that woke everyone up with her 7 am squawks to […]

A little Turkey Awesomeness for Thanksgiving.

This project makes me kinda want a turkey jello mold now. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!