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365days Project Blog Post

    I was asked to do a guest post blog about my experience doing the 365 days project. My 365days daily self portrait project helped inspire to take on his own weekly writing project. Click here to read the guest post.

Pixar goes Burning Man

Someone joked that it looked like the folks at Pixar took some inspiration from the parties at Burning Man for this Toy story short involving the hapless by goodhearted T-Rex toy.  I can definitely see the comparison, but the short is worth watching even you’ve never been to Burning Man.  There is some seriously beautiful […]

What Came First.

Election Night

  It is election night and the tension is palpable in the air.  It feels like the final stretch of a long and intractable campaign.  I don’t even want to think about the millions of dollars that have been spent marketing these candidates.  There is the argument that we could have put that money back […]

Election Dream

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the election was so close that is came down to a bake off where Obama and Romney were competing on their ability to pull off a perfect oembre cake.