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Meme of the Year 2012

The Guardian has called The Ecce Homo fresco restoration the 2012 meme of the year.  I have to say I have enjoyed the monkey man invasion of art as shown in this tribute gallery. Personally, I think IKEA monkey could have given it a run for its money.  In true internet parlance, we should ask, […]

Death with Dignity Guest Blog

This guest blog post is currently in submission to the Death with Dignity National Center Blog.   Taking on End of Life Decisions as a Family Both of my parents had careers that brought them close to the larger issues of life and death.  My mother spent her entire career as a nurse, specialising in […]

Dad’s 70th Birthday Surprise Party

About a month ago my Mom walked up to me, talking in a hushed voice saying, “I think I want to throw your father a surprise party.”  From then, a plan was hatched and the game was afoot.  From stealing his cell phone in the middle of the night to get phone numbers of all […]

A joke for the end of the world