The End of an Era

It was finally time to own up to it.  As much as I love my chickens, I just can’t take care of them to their deserving anymore.  They moved from Portland to Corvallis, back from Corvallis to Portland.  When I moved to a friend’s house they came with me, but when I moved out again, they had stayed.  So really, what I have to own up is that I haven’t been fully taking care of them for a while.  I would swing by often, I would watch them when she was out of town.  I would be on call for medical disasters, but a good mama, I was not.

Even this situation was prolonged probably much longer than it should have been.  My friend loved the girls as much as I do and didn’t want to get rid of them either.  The only thing that made us give up this situation was the foreclosure.  Leaving the ladies with nowhere else to go, I gave them up.

My Dad was nice enough to introduce me to a coworker and her mom who are both obsessed with chickens.  We went through the usual checklist:

1) You know they are not exactly loving pets?    “Yeah, we know”

2) You know they aren’t all that intelligent”  “Yep”

3) You know they are getting old and won’t be giving up eggs for much longer?  “Yes, and then they will be pets.”

4) You really understand that they aren’t that intelligent?  “We want them!”

The deal was done.  My friend and I rode out to West Linn, a well to do suburb of Portland, and we moved the ladies to their new digs.  They burst forth from their carriers and flew across the yard, scratching up the lawn and poking their beaks in the ground, looking for bugs.

In the end most everyone was happy.  My friend approved of their new life, making jokes about how they have moved up in the world.  I joked back that I only wished that they married well.  The new owners were thrilled too.  You can tell that they chickens will be loved whether they like it or not.  For me, it was bittersweet in the most classic way, bitter that it is an end of an era, sweet that it couldn’t have ended any better than that.

Goodbye my silly little girls.

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