Tonight’s Debate

Tonight was the third and final debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  Transcript and the video can be found here, thanks to Politico.

It has definitely been a wild ride watching these debates.  From the first debate that you practically had to check for a pulse on Obama, to the second one where they both acted like they were trying to win a contest for best interrupter and over-talker.  Tonight we found Romney to be oddly passive.  Not dead fish passive like Obama in the first debate.  But confidently passive, he had a slight smile on his face as if he knew some wonderful secret.

My theory is this: After the last debate, both candidates looked bad in the eyes of women voters.  They both looked too aggressive and the poll numbers pointed towards women voters as the “interest group” that would decide the election.  I think Romney acted like he had already proved that he was strong and aggressive. In the third debate, in an attempt to pull in as many women voters as possible, he wanted to look like his head was the cooler one, leaving Obama looking aggressive in stark contrast.

A Lovely Fall Day

Sunlight and a tea latte make for a great Fall afternoon. See, Oregon weather isn’t completely unrelentingly awful.

The Vice Presidential Debate

Obama is proud of Biden. Romney is proud of Ryan. The Huffington Post calls it as an aggressive victory for Biden. Politico says that Biden had a slight upper hand but that neither person outright won, and that Ryan did better at grabbing independents. The RNC created a #BidenUnhinged hashtag before the debate was even over.

It is funny how any review of the debate only differentiates personal bias. The only truism is that Raddatz did a much better job than Lehrer.


After taking the advice of a friend, I decided to oven roast the tomatoes. Basically, take halves or quarters and lay them out on a baking sheet, drizzle them with oil and herbs and let them slowly dry out over the course of a day. I think I had the oven at 170 degrees and they just slowly baked and dried. They were still juicy, not quite at the point of sun dried tomatoes. But they had a little bit of that flavor.

Caine’s Arcade Update

Apparently, the story behind Caine’s Arcade continues to unfold.  The cardboard arcade viral sensation has spun off into inspiring many other cardboard arcade games and a foundation that aims to fund creative and entrepreneurial kids.  Watch the update film here: Caine’s Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement.


I am feeling the siren call of September, that sweet voice in my head telling me that it is time to use up the tomatoes before they rot on the vine.

Here is a pic of the huge mass of tomatoes I am dealing with:

Half of them have been boiled and skinned and the rest are ready to go into the pot. I both love and hate tomato day. I know I have a long day ahead of me boiling, skinning, seeding and cutting. That doesn’t even begin to get into reducing and actually cooking. Next year I am having a tomato processing party.

Los Angeles I’m yours?

I am currently on the road with the Turks in tow and I am experiencing that very special, very American feeling.

I am feeling that love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. Every time I descend into the valley, my thoughts become those of two minds. One one hand there is that bubbly excitement that I am in the soul of Southern California, and on the other hand there is a panic instinct that sends me running home to the pacific northwest.

And Los Angeles does nothing but further this internal split in my mind. It serves up the most lovely of decadent delights, the bone warming sun shining on the cheeky palm trees. Yesterday, we went swimming in the ocean outside of Malibu, our eyes happily blinded by the glittering sapphire sea. We baked in the sun to dry musing that we had found a heaven on Earth.

The plan of the day was to hit the beach and then drive in to town to pick up folks from the airport. From our most lovely swim, we were plunged in the most typical of LA experiences, traffic. Four hours of traffic to go a distance probably less than twenty miles. I am not saying I could have run a marathon in such a time, but jumping out of the car was pretty darn tempting.

Ah, Los Angeles, land of contradictions. I both love you and can’t wait to flee you.

Corina and Skyler’s Wedding Cake

After a summer of testing and failing at the grand wedding cakepops adventure, Jake and I finally pulled off a coup de grâce in the form of a ginormous, tasty wedding cake.  It only took numerous rounds of baking, 18 different taste configurations, 4 frosting trials, and one screaming match that both bakers now regret after getting over a fondant hangover.   At the end of the day, we made it work.

Congratulations Corina and Skyler!

Thrift Store Cool

I just came across this video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: (warning, lyrics are NSFW)

It reminded me of being a little grunge kid in the 1990′s. I really got into the grunge movement when I was in my teens, I got so deeply involved that I was downright mad when Pop music made a huge comeback in the late nineties. I was still holding on to my Alice in Chains and Nirvana cds while the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC travelled up the charts.

Other than pop music being atrociously over-produced, I couldn’t leave grunge for this reason: It was the poor mans movement. There was something refreshing about thrift store cool, that if you had the right idea with your thrift store shopping, you could come up with something fun, clever, and hip. To have that kind of progressive hipness saddled between the terror of middle school and the back to business of pop music was both refreshing and sad.

I love the video because it brings back that kind of fun, that kind of hipness through unhipness, that it is the cleverness of the thrift store hunt rather than the money in one’s pocketbook.

The Ecce Spreads

The Ecce Homo image continues to go viral.